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Since I was a teenager I have had a healthy appetite for gaming with this roughly being my 30th year that I have played games. 2006 was when my PC gaming stance took a decided turn. When I frustratingly couldn’t run Bioshock on the spec I had, having no wish to upgrade my PC, I turned away from gaming on PC and got myself a Xbox 360. I’ve never looked back since.

Since 2008 my main gaming machine has been the 360. After the PS4 announcement in the last few weeks, we are sure to see a new Xbox announcement by Microsoft. The last 5 years of gaming have been some of my best gaming experiences surpassing even my time in WoW. But those years have also been some of my worst on a personal scale – a bit of irony there.

This year I promised myself not to spread my interest over too many new video game titles while at the same time, try to stick to one title at a time. That said, It has been an excellent start to 2013. Halo 3 SP campaign was completed followed by Dead Space 3. Tomb Raider was an excellent  and the portrayal of a journey of an innocent Lara Croft into the survivor was very well conceived, even if the story and support characters were a bit weak.

This isn’t my first time writing a game diary. My first attempt was not a standalone gaming diary blog, it was just a smattering of posts within a more general blog. One writer that did influence me with his own games diaries was Tom Chick who then wrote for the now closed Fidgit blog. Although I disagreed with some of his thoughts on the games he played, I admired his writing style and the idea of a games diary – he now writes a game diary at Quarter to Three among other things.

To kick this game diary off and to celebrate my gaming over the last 5 years here are my top ten games from that period. I have completed the single-player story in these games;

1st Bioshock

2nd Tomb Raider

3rd Mass Effect

4th Uncharted 2

5th Assassin’s Creed 2

6th Half Life 2

7th The Walking Dead

8th Dead Space

9th Dishonored

10th Resident Evil 5

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  1. Awesome, I too have moved from PC gaming.. If I could afford a new rig, I might invest in it. Not in the cards now, though. Looking forward to future posts!!

    March 19, 2013
  2. There maybe the rare post on my misadventures in Civilization V that I play on my Mac…

    March 20, 2013

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