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Change of plan.

Rather than be disappointed by yet another retread, I’ve chosen not to do a game diary of the new Gears of War. I’ll wait now on the release of Bioshock Infinite next week and start, as planned, a game diary of that game.

While waiting on next week, the idea to put down my thoughts on Civilization V seemed a worthy makeweight. Indeed this will mean using my Mac for gaming – something I hadn’t intended to do – but also playing a turn-based game rather than the action or adventure that I have grown accustomed to. Back in the late ’90s I would love spending a day playing Dune 2000 over a LAN network but it has also been that long since I’ve played that RTS game.

So that kinda makes me – for use of a better word – a noob, albeit a turn-based one. I’m not ashamed to admit that what turned me onto Civilization V came from listening to the recent Ken Levine in his Bafta Q&A where he mentioned that civilization was one of his favourite games. I also knew I had a copy of Civilization V somewhere around my home that I hadn’t played. Those kind of moments always raise a little smile from me. The unexpected moments that bring to light how random events can seem far from random.

For the first game of Civilization V I let the random factor run its course and began a campaign from the spore of the Germanic Berlin. After 57 turns my eyes have been widen to the depth the game. The pace can be very misleading especially as I’m use to an often frantic pace to my console games. Neglecting a troop movement for just one turn or misjudging the range that a barbarian has with his bow have been wake up calls in these early turns. I can also see where successful negotiations are often important in gaining advantage towards a winning scenario.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting more about my learning curve with the Bismarck. Also unlike the future game diaries to come(which will have a finite run), I’ll keep this game diary as ongoing and open.

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