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One lighthouse to drop you to the depths and one to lift you amongst the clouds.

The lighthouse prologue in both Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite aren’t polar opposites but the mood is distinctly different. Setting up each game with the image of a lighthouse – a beacon in the night, a warning of danger; coastal rocks – has one of those lasting impressions. Both games speak to me, ‘…you have been warned…’ while in one the lighthouse starts as a refuge, the other is a murderous place full of foreboding.

Booker gets to the lighthouse in Bioshock Infinite’s opening upon a small boat with a talkative couple who look to be charged with delivering him there safely.  They talk much but say little about the situation that concerns Booker DeWitt. I hazard that they’ll be involved again at some point but unlike Dishonored, I believe that will be the last Booker will see of the boat.

Some of the dire straights that Booker seems to have got himself into are alluded to from the scenes within the lighthouse and the plain attachment Booker has to those that have left him with a stern and graphic example of what failure will mean.

Just before the rocket-ride to Columbia there is a sequence just after the bell-ringing that reminded me of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. To limit spoilers as much as I can I’ll omit exactly what happens in that scene but if you have played through that part I’d be curious to know if you felt the same?

Next up in this Bioshock Infinite game diaryWithout.

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  1. I’m getting this this weekend, very excited!!

    March 28, 2013

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