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The Lamb is not in doubt but the False Shepherd..?

I’m yet to be convinced who the False Shepherd is in Bioshock Infinite and yet the early stages of Booker DeWitt’s relationship to Elizabeth there seems little doubt. Columbia’s propaganda machine is well oiled from the moment Booker steps out onto the city in the clouds.

Once Booker reaches Elizabeth we are treated to a Columbia which seems in keeping with the pastel view that Elizabeth has held in her thoughts while being locked away. This early part of the game is very one-dimensional and held little in the way of surprises and made me doubt the depth of the game and its setting. Bioshock Infinite had me almost convinced that the world was flat but later the game goes some way to show that it cares little in what I perceive to be proper and correct. This game sets out to mess with your perception by setting you up one way and then removing the rules to reveal something else entirely.

In my mind this early part of the story is Elizabeth’s colouring of the world she believes to be real. Almost as though she has a way of amplifying her innocence as a decoration to disguise a world which is rooted in evil. Could this possibly be why Elizabeth was held prisoner? By keeping her contained and isolated was it her power that held Columbia together in a disguise of harmony? By setting her free has Booker drawn back the curtain on OZ? Is this what Comstock truly fears most?

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