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The end is in sight of my first game diary. I’ll have a few more posts going up based on Bioshock Infinite which should fall this coming week. For my next game diary, like Civilization V, I’m planning a longer arc with the newly released Defiance.

This is not to say that the shorter game diaries aren’t closed out. I may have something to say about a game that I’m running through a second time or one that I’ve picked up a long time after its initial release(a possible Dead Island diary could appear here). My motto with gaming is to never say never.

This takes me nicely into why I have chosen Defiance for the next diary. I’ll be playing it – unlike many of you  – on a 360. I’ve had my fill of MMOs on PC/Mac but am curious to see how well Defiance performs on a console. The fact that the game is tied to a new TV show will serve as further interest but I’m not a cable TV subscriber so I’ll not see the show upon its original airing.

I’ve decided on race, sex and origin. I know how I’ll attempt to play this MMO shooter and will be discussing how well the game allows me to play the way I want it to. If I get the game mid-week you should expect the first game diary entry for Defiance by the coming weekend.

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