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I have had to take a break away from playing Bioshock Infinite. The game was beginning to wear on me and I just can’t get passed the mental block that is stopping me from completing it. I know that in time I will return to finish the game and maybe playing on the ‘hard’ setting may hinder my enjoyment a little.

If Bioshock Infinite wasn’t so reliant on the arena combat that feels muddy then it is possible I’d be enjoying the game experience more.

Here’s the issues that I have currently with the game. Currently I’m chasing the ghost of Elizabeth’s mother towards some tears;

  • Elizabeth. Other than ammo, health handling, picking locks and tears, I’m feeling a disconnect with her character. As AI companion to your Booker there’s some nice touches but not to the extent I thought I’d see. In combat she aids Booker but is never in any danger herself. I have a theory she’s either a figment of Booker’s imagination or the game design itself does not allow the opposing AI any provision in including Elizabeth as a threat. If it’s the latter of the two then I have a problem with it. It breaks my immersion with the game. If I think back to how well the connection grew between Lee and Clementine (in the recent The Walking Dead game) was from the belief that, as Lee, I was protecting her from danger at every turn. Looking ahead too I have great hopes for how this dynamic will work in the forthcoming The Last of Us. I’m not getting that from Bioshock Infinite. If the game was less combat driven and more was given over to situations that Booker and Elizabeth could work through together that would go some way to increasing my immersion.
  • Combat. I read the arguments for and those against the level of violence in the game. I can find value in both arguments. Ultimately I don’t find the combat that enjoyable; I’m not a fan of roller-coasters or combat that revolves around areas that aren’t dissimilar to arena combat seen in games like Quake. Bioshock Infinite has both these elements in its combat makeup. I prefer my Bioshock combat within buildings or a city like Rapture.

Please remember I have yet to finish the game. I have tried to ignore spoilers but I know a few have slip through into thoughts. It’s very likely that I will close this diary out when I complete the game. Look for the conclusion post as soon as I allow myself some time back in Columbia.

The conclusion to this Bioshock Infinite game diary – Torn

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