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At the start of 2013 I made a little promise to myself.

I then put that promise into a visual achievement over at goodreads.

It’s now nearing the end of April and the promise seems to be holding out. The basis of which came about because I love reading but had been very lazy over previous years. Especially since the turn of the century (sounds crazy to type that last sentence).

Now I love to write and have always done so since I was say…eleven or twelve years old. But any improvement I have gained in my writing is a two-fold endeavour. Without reading regular, varied, new material I believe my writing has begun to suffer. This is why I have pushed myself to commit to more reading since 2010 – the year I began my OU studies. I’d love to write my own novel and I feel to attempt such a feat would mean a better understand of the written word.

The movie & book activity that I’m posting about here goes some way to reinforce my reading habits but I also like the chance to balance ‘the book’ against ‘the movie’. Comparing these two very different mediums, that I love, allows a development to my writing skills I have only just explored within the context of essay writing at the OU.

I will be looking at posting a report on The Silver Linings Playbook in the very next movie & book. I’m nearing the final part of the book itself and hope to watch the movie with my wife this weekend. In this series of posts I’m open to suggestions, as I am with the game diary posts.

So if you have any movie & book reports that you’d like me to cover don’t be shy…

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