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As a teenager I was never far from pen and paper or eventually my manual typewriter. Short stories that I never got to finish were my speciality. It has been a very long time since I’ve attempted writing fiction – although I failed miserably at NaNoWriMo one year – and as my reading has begun to increase so has my urge to attempt a new piece of fiction.

The premise I have and a synopsis is starting to grow from it. It’s slow going just now but when my studies conclude in May there will be an opportunity for that time to be massaged into creative writing. The mnemonic “Narration, Exposition, Reflection, Description” is something I’d like to claim for my own fiction writing use. It has found its way into topics like Sabermetrics but for writing it seems an ideal fit too. After all where would writers be without reflection?

To have a novel written – published or not – is a long-term achievement unless, of course, I find an agent willing to stump-up an advance. Extremely unlikely as that is, it would allow a better concentration of time given over to writing it. I can dream, right?! In any circumstance I have notebooks full of daft, crazy scenarios that I may eventually decipher into a modern-day or futuristic story.

Curious as I am, are there any of you reading this post thinking of doing the same or have you already written ‘your’ book? Had it published? Been rejected? Was it what you hoped it would be?

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