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After watching The Aviator for the first time last night – not my favourite Scorsese movie – my curiosity was drawn to find out more about the late Howard Hughes. The biopic only represents the early part of his life and career and there’s much the movie didn’t touch on.

Howard Hughes was a maverick film-maker but he also advanced aviation – hence the movie title – to new heights(oh dear). In later life he worked covertly with the CIA, aiding in Project Azorian¬†during the early 1970s. I also learnt that the character of Andrew Ryan from the game Bioshock was partly based on Howard Hughes. With all the workings of his varied career the one standout moment was his collaboration with the CIA to salvage the Soviet submarine K-129. Although there have been movies and books that have been influenced by this unlikeliest of collaborations – see The Abyss – to see this as a premise for an adventure game…well…I’d be hooked.

If you think that this could make one hell of a great, tense drama; on one side we have a sunken soviet sub that had nuclear weaponry and possible launch codes(that the Soviets had failed to find), a maverick character in Howard Hughes in cahoots with the CIA in a top-secret mission, aboard a specially designed drilling ship the Hughes Glomar Explorer.

Surely with game development and its reliance on re-treading the tired ground of the likes of Call of Duty, we are missing out on some exceptional adventures that don’t need the exuberant caches of weaponry or death match multiplayer modes?

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