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Comic books have been part of my life since I read an X-Men UK reprint of the very first issue back in the 1980’s. My reading and comic books themselves have, shall we say, matured since that time. I prefer a thoughtful comic book but that is not to say that I don’t enjoy what Marvel and DC produce and have produced on a regular basis. Rather I’m far more selective in my choice of title to read.

What has always puzzled and ultimately pushed me away from the superhero book is the rebooting/alternative timelines of stories and characters and the overlap of stories between titles. The marketing ploy of a story completing or continuing outside of one title via a crossover is something I really do hate. It’s only ever done to promote titles which don’t sell as well as the core titles. Frustrating if you have a limit on how many titles can be realistically subscribed to.

While watching Iron Man Three I was again reminded of this feeling. The current Marvel studios movies are again re-imaging their universe with changes to story, timelines and characters. I’d never been a fan of Iron Man comic book and watching the third movie I wondered if the comic book fans of this title would be unhappy with the changes?

My spin on how I see the current crop of superhero movies is that they have entertained me in a far more adult way than the comic books have done in the past. I’ll take them for what they are; another alternative vision of that universe. As long as these movies remain within their own context then I’ll be happy to watch them. If and when these movies begin spinning into the comic books themselves is exactly when my interest in them may indeed wane.

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