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The game diary archive

Bioshock Infinite ~ Civilization V ~ Dishonored ~ The Walking Dead

A list of all game diaries either active or otherwise. Entries are listed in alphabetical order.

Bioshock Infinite

One lighthouse to drop you to the depths and one to lift you among the clouds…

 There is a danger in knowing too much…

  • Lamb April 5th 2013

The Lamb is not in doubt but the False Shepherd..?

  • Vex April 16th 2013


Civilization V

Change of plan…

Dishonored ~ The Knife of Dunwall DLC

Returning to an experience like Dishonored…

The Walking Dead

Episode 1 – It’s very rare that I sit through a new game in only one or two sittings…

Episode 2 – Who’d have thought that a relatively small game – and not a major gaming franchise – would give me so much fun, emotion and moral dilemmas…

  •  Gambit September 1st 2012

Episode 3 – Two-thirds of 2012 have come and gone. I have little that I can look back on from the year  that can be considered worthy of recalling with any fondness…

Episode 4 — And there I was thinking things for Lee couldn’t get any worse…

Conclusion – For one game to occupy my time and indeed thoughts, through the better part of a year is rare…


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